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Fishing Notes

For 2010, New Walleye limit and slot size.

The slot size for walleye is between 30 and 50cm (13.8 and 19.7 inches). A limit of four walleye, while conservation fishing licence holders will be restricted to one walleye. Muskie slot has been increased to 44 inches. Please check MNR regulations.

Located about 20 km north of Peterborough, Ontario, Lower Buckhorn is one of most overlooked Bass/Muskie fisheries in southern Ontario. It is a great Smallmouth lake, Muskie and Walleye is what Lower Buckhorn is known for. But if you want to catch fish, target the bass, both Smallmouth and Largemouth and you will catch fish. Ensure you have a good quality hydrographic chart before heading out on this lake, there are a lot of shollow areas with stumps, as well as a few shoals.

Jayden(age 8) caught these two Muskies within 2 hours
Opening dates (unofficial) for the 2014 Fishing Season in our area are:

Panfish (Perch and Sunfish) - Open all year

Walleye - Pickerel - May 10 (Second Saturday in May) See above, New walleye limit(2010). (Exception for Fast Water) The season starts one week later for the water below the dam up to 400 M downstream. The dam is at the Town of Buckhorn. May 17

Muskie - June 7 (First Saturday in June)

Bass - June 21


  We Need Pictures. Bayview customers.We are willing to post fishing pictures. If you would like us to post them on this page, please e-mail us the picture or give us a copy of the picture. We would like the size of the fish and date caught. Person's name is optional.



 Dickie Hess    Pat Hess    Dickie Hess    Pat Hess    Dickie Hess    Pat Hess   Jonathan Fuller SM Bass 2013   Jessica Roe LM Bass 2013    Sept 2013   Pat Hess,40 inch Muskie, June 2013   Dickie Hess, 43 inch Muskie, June 2013   Dan Hess 2012 40 inch Muskie   Tanya Nestoruk, 2011   Dan Hess, 48 inch Muskie 2011   Ed Lindsay 2011   Brendan Connolly   Mike A, July 1 Muskie   Trevor' first fish   Julia Meissner, 19.5 in - 3 3/4 lb. Smallmouth Bass 8-21-08   Jim Meissner, 27in - 7 lb. Walleye 8-21-08   Daniel, Adam and Craig's Black Crappies and Bass   Mitch and Brandon July 11, 2008   Jessica Roe and Fan club   Dan Dawson 8lb 1oz Walleye   Steve Carrasco, 23 inch Largemouth, Sept 2 2007 caught off dock   Aug 10 or 11 2007 Released   Aug 10 or 11 2007 Released   Aug 10 or 11 2007 Released   Mike Astolfo, 6lb Smallmouth,  released August 29 2007 caught on 4lbs line   Dan Bitner, Aug 2007, The Walleye was 27 inch, 6 lb. 4 oz The Muskie was 42 1/2 at 16 lb      July 2007   2007   Chase Piperato (Age 8) 48 inch Muskie, Aug 2005,   Craig Smith, Age 12, 44 inch Muskie, Released, July 2005          41 inch
49 inch   Aug 2004   Ron Smith, 42 inch Muskie, June 2005, released   Muskies   Joe McConahy 2003   Picture from 1930 - 1935  
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